about cosmic publishing

Cosmic Publishing aims at publishing art that enhances cosmic consciousness. Art does not explain truth, but manifests it inside the one who is enjoying it, by subtly influencing the emotional field. At the same time art may visualize ancient knowledge, and thus make it more accessible. Such art becomes a powerful means for educating and healing people emotionally. Creating spiritual art is a valuable act of worship, a meditative process that brings the artist closer to the divine. Such art should be supported and so should the artists that make it.

Cosmic Publishing was founded in 2007 in Goa - India as a division of Cosmic Multimedia Pvt Ltd. Having ample experience and business success in other domains, but getting little personal and spiritual satisfaction out of it, the decision to enter the field of spiritual art publishing was easy to make. The final trigger was getting to know the richness of the art made by Sanatan Society artists.

Ancient vedic texts offer four acceptable pursuits in life : pleasure, wealth, righteousness and liberation. We feel that Cosmic Publishing may help us as well as our worldwide customers to achieve those goals. Being based in the India, our outlook is absolutely international. We also aim at making unique spiritual art available at prices most people can afford.

Our first product line consists of a set of 36 quality posters made with the art of Pieter Weltevrede. Many other interesting products will follow.

I hope that the above introduction is sufficient. Please feel free to ask for more details. May we someday get in touch,

Ram Ram,

General Manager

P.S. I am Iranian born, lived in India from 1979 till 1982, then in Belgium for about 24 years and now mostly in India since 2006.


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